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Who is Mehdi Zand

Philosopher, martial artist or writer? Whatever he has been labelled it doesn’t really matter. Master Mehdi Zand, through lifelong dedication, endurance and commitments has become a rising name in philosophy, social science and the world of combat arts.

As a writer in philosophy and martial science, holder of a PHD in the psychology of martial arts and MA in human behaviour, his experience and depth of knowledge is something to be revered by martial artists and academics alike.

He is also one of the youngest 10th Dan black belts in the world holding an impressive 120+ national and international awards.

Besides the numerous martial arts achievements and academic qualifications, one thing always remains constant, his positive energy which continuously moves him forward, striving to uncover the hidden knowledge

Through the first spark of passion to the evolution of his imagination his pen became another sword. First came the Book of Seda a collection of poetry social, political and spiritual, then The Book of Yaad, a complex series of writing about creation (not published) which ultimately led to the creation of three important achievements in his life, The Exordium and its concept of thought; Zavian Philosophy, and Sefshin: the Secret Combat of Fire.

In this day and age if you are an individual presenting a philosophy which is not part of the social scheme, it is very difficult or even impossible to succeed.  Nonetheless Mehdi Zand believes the unique and distinctive nature of his ideology will be embraced and find its way deep into the heart of people.

Mehdi Zand with every fibre of his being believes that his philosophy has all the necessary ingredients to help Humankind break the barrier of thought, escape the trapped consciousness and enter into era of true unity, peace and universal harmony.