The Exordium Volume 3: Coming Soon 2018-06-13T19:01:14+01:00

The Third volume is a marvel of epic proportions.

The souls of fire strategise their defence, the fiery legion of the reptilians lay waste to the lands before them and the hordes of furious Sotaian (Sotai’s army) are advancing fast towards their goal – to end the tyranny of Time.

The wings of Lucifer, the prince of light and Mikhael the archangel of righteousness, rise to defend the land of the gods. While the angels protect the throne of glory, Epep the serpent of darkness and Cobra, the core of stability engage in mystical combat to unfold their own destiny.

Among all of this war and conquest appear the most stunning entities of beauty and persuasion, the first females and universal goddesses of the Exordium. They are the personification of love and allure, and they have another powerful weapon in their arsenal; charm; ever more persuasive than the sword or spear.

The continuum of time and space breaks as many of these characters enter into the reality of the writer. The conversations between Mehdi Zand and these universal forces seal a unique relationship as they engage in many exchanges of thought, from politics to religion, from society to history and from philosophy to magic, betrayal and mystery.

Whatever significance this volume may hold for you, may it be the origin of the reptilian species, or how Heaven and the archangels of Paradise came to be, it has brought for the writer a life of challenge, sacrifice, treachery, and opposition. The goal, to crush his spirit, to drown his determination and to silence his book, faltered at the gates of his resilience.

Mehdi Zand says, “The phase of time is in motion and there is no turning back; the Exordium will unfold.”