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The intention to establish the strategy for creation is in place but the Underworld is slowly becoming a chaotic battlefield. Intelligences come to life, some through the saga of evolution and others through intensity of the layers, doubt and imperfection.

And so the war for supremacy begins.

Thunderous anger growls, “I am the Typhoon, and nothing can escape the venom of my essence.”

Hissing deceit plots, “I am clever, fast, powerful and deceitful. In no time I will suck your soul out in totality.”

The wind of destruction rages, “No element of darkness can resist against the essence of my being, I am the lord of conquest.”

The first betrayal cries, “Nothing is fair, there is no guarantee in life. I want what was rightfully mine. Beware I am coming forth, this is my war.”

And the depth of the darkness reaches up and touches the universe, cold and calculating. “You arrogant waste of energy, I will crush you bones and tear your soul into a thousand pieces. You know what, you are doomed and I am the one who brings you what you deserve.”

But all hope is not lost. From the mayhem of the Underworld emerges the throne of compassion, the wisdom of calculation and the sound of eternity. These are a few of the constructive forces, passing through time, standing resolute.

The Fire of Fire announces, “I hold the sacred word of the living name, invincibility of the soul is the faculty of fire, move out of my way. This is the last warning.” As this indomitable intelligence of fire battles within the world of chaos so too begin the challenges to the Prophecy Fulfilled reaching the seat of recognition.

Enter the past, touch the present, see the future.

The Exordium Volume II: The Prophecy fulfilled

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Mehdi zand - Exordium - Sefshin

Mehdi zand – Exordium – Sefshin- Exordium volume 2