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The Exordium Volume 1 

Have no expectation, have no preconception; The Exordium Vol. 1 is a new beginning. Walk into the ultimate creative mind and experience the cause of all existence. As the Godhead awakens, so too will your consciousness take its first breath of reality.

Through the intensity and colours of fire discover the ‘ocean of thought’, the first hero of existence, the first protagonist, conqueror of universes and supreme ruler of his soul, the Esser Yaad.

A revelation, an education, the mind will penetrate the depth of existence and grasp the true meaning of imagination. A new story, a legacy, the heart will feel the magic of life as the core of creation will burst from the golden pages of the Exordium.

Follow the Esser Yaad, reach the Underworld and escape oblivion. Is it here that the Golden Empire will rise? Constructive and opposing, forces will battle to sit upon the throne of power. There can be only one outcome.

The story of the volume is one of passion, loneliness, determination and the will to overcome any obstacle or adversary.

How will the Esser Yaad challenge the obstacles in the Underworld and how will these newly formed souls of fire help him in his self appointed mission, to create the touchable universe and sit upon the throne of universal recognition.

The Exordium Volume I: The Emergence Of The Gods

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The Exordium the emergence of the Gods