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This page is dedicated to the Thoughts and Quotation of Mehdi Zand

Thoughts and Quotations of Mehdi Zand

This page below shows just some of the thoughts and quotations of mehdi zand

Faculty of time.

‘I stand before the faculty of time. My name is the seed of transformation; my heart is the meaning behind the letters of life, the universe of emotion. I know the meaning of yesterday: yesterday was the instrument of the age, the untouchable sphere of what there was. Occurrences? Experiences. Whatever. Its purpose, what I am today.

To become in effect immortal.

I want to live to the fullest and achieve the highest in anything I do. Martial art is no exception. The source of my urge comes from the desire to leave a legacy behind that will be remembered for as long as time exist, to become in effect immortal.

The Exordium.

Do you know what I am trying to do? I am doing my best to bring forth an undeniable concept of philosophy; I am decoding the ultimate passages of mystery. Then I gather them in the formation of this book and push it through the horizon of the sky to be the sign of eliteness for human civilisation.

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