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The Exordium the emergence of the Gods

The Exordium

Since the beginning there has been no clear path to enlightenment, no logical explanation to our existence and no doctrine that could explain the imperfections that we all see and experience. Humanity and the world in which it exists have been tumbling in a chaotic cycle, and the questions that need to be answered are still unresolved.

But now with the dawn of a new millennium, a new dawn has also risen for those who can open their hearts, their minds and are prepared to hear the realities.

The Exordium is here, and presented in two completely separate texts, one is the book series titled ‘The Exordium’ and the other is the philosophy which has been named the ‘Exordium concept of thought’.

The philosophy if truly understood, can be a new beginning for Earth and it will shed light on the imperfections of life, you will know why there is so much misrepresentation, confusion and contradiction in what we read and why we cannot find the truth amongst all the inaccurate information.

As a book, The Exordium is not just a story; it is a marvel of epic proportion, a fresh perspective in regards to creation, from the origin of life itself to the birth of Homo sapiens, leading up to the present chaos in which the world finds itself today.

The Exordium is a platform to see the occurrences of the universal history, it is a reflection of our society, a prophecy of the future and each character of this book reveals a part of our hidden self. It is designed to awaken a consciousness that has long slept dormant in the back of our imagination.

Whether it is the origins of reptilian species, the birth of the warring angels or the captivating beauty and charm of the most beautiful goddesses, The Exordium never fails to ignite the imagination.

Mehdi Zand: “I don’t want to bring forth or defy any religion by writing The Exordium. My aim is to introduce a different and logical concept that is easily accessible, so everyone can find their own connection with their real self and their place within the universe.”