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The Truth About Mehdi Zand

About Mehdi Zand Philosopher, martial artist or writer? Whatever he has been labelled it doesn’t really matter. Master Mehdi Zand, through lifelong dedication, endurance and commitments has become a rising name in philosophy, social science and the world of combat arts. As a writer in philosophy and martial science, holder of a PHD in the psychology of martial arts and MA in human behaviour, his experience and depth of knowledge is something to be revered by martial artists and academics alike. He is also one of the youngest 10th Dan black belts in the world holding an impressive 120+ national [...]

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Mehdi Zand the New Legend

Hello No matter what religion, fate or belief you have, just listen!!! A few years ago I was introduced to an intriguing book that somehow instantly caught my attention. It wasn’t long before I was going through one page after another. I just couldn’t put it down. I had to see what all the fuss was about. While reading it, I found out about the troubles in the writer’s life. But somehow I knew, no matter what they were saying, what I was reading in his book was still closer to the truth than anything I had ever come across [...]

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