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IMATM Hall of Fame issue features GM Mehdi Zand on the front cover and his senior students in two full-page articles

2017 starts off with another great success for Sefshin, as IMATM (in cooperation with MAA-I of Germany) features not only Grandmaster Mehdi Zand on the front cover of their latest Hall of Fame issue, but also two of his top students are honoured with two pages of coverage along with the HOF title: Expert Trainers of the Year 2016. GM Mehdi Zand has been awarded the title of Martial Arts Philosopher of the Year 2016, an accolade not given to many. This issue will be spread amongst 90 countries worldwide, and we here at the Sefshin International Federation wish them [...]

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مهدی زند افسانه جدید

سلام مهم نیست که چه مذهب، سرنوشت یا عقیده است، فقط گوش دادن. چند سال پیش من به یک کتاب جذاب که به نحوی فورا جلب من معرفی شد. هنوز مدت زیادی نبود قبل از من قرار بود از طریق یک صفحه پس از دیگری. من فقط می تواند آن را نمی کردن. من تا به حال دیدن آنچه که همه سر و صدا بود. در حالی که خواندن آن، من در مورد مشکلات در زندگی نویسنده در بر داشت. اما به نوعی من می دانستم، بدون توجه به آنچه که آنها می گفتند، چه من در خواندن در کتاب [...]

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Grandmaster Mehdi Zand: Martial Arts Man of the Year Award 2013

In October of 2013, Martial Arts Times Magazine and MAA-I have awarded Grandmaster Mehdi Zand with his fifth Hall of Fame award; this time with the prestigious title of ‘Man of the Year 2013’. Special issue of Martial arts times magazine was also released featuring hundreds of masters and grandmaster talking about their style and introducing their system. On the cover of this issue is a picture of Master Mehdi Zand amongst other well known martial artist of current time. This award has been presented to Mehdi Zand for his influential role in the martial arts community and his general [...]

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The Spirit Award and Mega Medal of MAA-I for GM Mehdi Zand (2013)

In recognition of your Achievements in Martial Arts we award you the Spirit Awards Certificate with the MEGA Medal. In July 2013 Mehdi Zand was presented with the spirit award and one of the most prestigious medals within the MAA-I: The MEGA Medaille. The award demonstrates the true enthusiasm, sense of community, pride and excitement for the martial arts. The spirit award and the Mega Medaille indicate recognition, achievement, and excellent behaviour to reach the top. As written on the certificate itself: ‘Having actively participated to propagate, for excellence service render to the world of martial arts community and constant [...]

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Another Step Towards the Recognition of Sefshin

One of the most prestigious martial arts federations in the world has accepted Sefshin as a new system of martial art and has awarded Grandmaster Mehdi Zand with a Founder certificate to demonstrate his legitimate ownership. Budo/Bugei Kokusai Renmei of Okinawa, Japan which is associated with MAA-I, is the governing body of this new award. Please select the image relating to this article from the list to view or download.  

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Mehdi Zand and the Order of the Golden Cross

Mehdi Zand has been presented with the Order of the Golden Cross from the Pope Clemente XI Foundation. The foundation’s Easter project has used incoming donations for the building of a school in Palawan in the Philippines and for another worthy project in Botswana. In recognition of Mehdi Zand’s contribution he was awarded the Order of the Golden Cross on May 2013. This award represents an active commitment to upholding social values, peace and friendship between people and human rights. Please select the image relating to this article from the list to view or download.   [photo-book-gallery id="1255"]

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Grandmaster Mehdi Zand receives The Platinum Martial Artist Legend Award 2012

Martial Arts Times Magazine in association with MAA-I in Germany have released a special edition to honour its prestigious Hall of Fame. Hundreds of Masters and Grandmasters from around the world received their own awards, diplomas, trophies and plaques. On the cover of this special issue, there is a picture of Grandmaster Mehdi Zand performing one of his well known poses, ‘In alignment with the stars.’ As well as being featured on the cover of this issue, it also contains a two page article with exclusive content regarding both Sefshin and Shamshir. In this year’s Hall of Fame ceremony Grandmaster [...]

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Grandmaster Mehdi Zand and the Chinese Medal of Dragon

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand and the Chinese Medal of Dragon July 2011 - This month Master Mehdi Zand was delighted and extremely pleased to be presented with one of the most elite martial arts awards in the world, 'The Chinese Medal of Dragon'. The Chinese Medal is given to those who represent the true spirit of the mythical dragon; power; determination; agility and courage. The one who holds the medal is said to receive the gift of prosperity and immortality in the realms of the unknown. This award is limited to only 100 pieces and is awarded to selected few to [...]

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Grandmaster Mehdi Zand Awarded The Humanitarian Medal of Nepal

Grandmaster Mehdi Zand Awarded The Humanitarian Medal of Nepal Martial Arts Association International is not just about martial arts; it also supports the health care of those in need by supplying them with medicine, injections, blood packs, health checks and food. This year a particular project was formed to help the Nepal Health Care Centre in Katmandhu and the Health Camp Projects in certain areas of Nepal. Grandmaster Mehdi Zand has also made his own input towards this project and for his kind work has received the Nepal Medal of Humanity and a certificate to show his contribution. Below is [...]

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MAA – I Cross Of Honour 2012

On the 2 June 2012 in Soest, Germany, the International Martial Arts Association invited its annual Congress & Global Meeting of the Martial Arts Association - International to which Grandmaster Mehdi Zand was also invited. The event started at 6pm in Statdhalle (sports hall) and was host to over 800 important and influential martial artists and supporters from all over the world. As well as a lavish banquet the guests were treated to martial arts demonstrations from various disciplines, such as Shaolin Kung-Fu, Jeet Kun Do, Ju Jitsu and Kempo. This was a very prestigious event in which all the [...]

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